Remember that time we went to Brooklyn for a photoshoot during a blizzard?

So Vinita came to visit me in NYC in January.  It had been a very mild winter, but she kept asking for snow, and boy did her wish come true!IMG_8578– Vinita enjoying snowfall in NYC! –

We started our NYC tour with my favorite museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I love this place for its sprawling size.  To go from ancient cultures all over the world in the span of one day is amazing for me.  My favorite section happens to be the Asian Art section, although the contemporary US side is also very nice.  This place brings back memories of my youth, when we would go on school field trips here and I would get lost in the wonder of history.


IMG_8551– Vinita in front of a massive painting of Washington crossing the Delaware –

We got hungry from the few miles of walking inside the museum and had to get some slices of NY pizza.IMG_8534– 2 slices to go! –



The following day was met with more snow.  Being in the automotive industry, I got to borrow a Porsche Macan for the day.  Introduced in April of 2014, the Macan came as an S and a Turbo.  2017 introduced a Base trim with a 4 cylinder turbo charged motor and a GTS model.  We got the 4 cylinder, which was PERFECT for city duty, and a bonus was that the car is AWD with the 18 inch standard wheels that are perfect for terrible NYC roads.

IMG_8597-Our 2017 Rhodium Silver Macan tackling the inclement weather at Columbus Circle –

IMG_8649– Vinita reprogramming the height adjustable rear tailgate on the Macan –

IMG_8656– Does this come with Keyless Entry? –


– A very nice backroad near the Brooklyn Bridge –

IMG_8685– What a view! –

The following day was comprised of us relaxing and heading to the Top of the Rock!  By that we mean, Rockefeller Center, home of 30 Rock and SNL as well as other NYC based NBC shows.  It was really awesome to get a view of the city from this height.


IMG_8796– Vinita loving the traffic –

IMG_8936– Vinita with our little son Chewbacca.  Follow him @ChewieTheYorkieee on Instagram –

We ended up finishing the last day with a nice feast of food.  We started in Brooklyn and getting the famous rainbow bagel with cream cheese.


unnamed-3– Fluffy bagels like clouds –

We followed that up with a Shake Shack burger.  My favorite burger in the world.  Just delicious.  Vinita and I argue about which is better – Shake Shack vs. In N’ Out.  This time, NYC won!

unnamed-4– Heaven on earth! –

And finally, to put the proverbial icing on the cake, we got some Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes.  Absolutely gorgeous…and delicious!


Oh New York, how we love you.  When it isn’t snowing.


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