Remember that time we went to the Bronx Zoo…

After our nice trip in Philadelphia, Vinita and I wanted to head to the Bronx Zoo.  As lovers of animals, we do dislike the idea of animals in captivity, but it was a nice afternoon and the Bronx Zoo has been very good in creating an environment for these animals to prosper in.

We got lucky and were given a student discount because of my hoodie! Here are some pics from our adventure…

IMG_1355– the butterfly exhibit!

-Vinita chasing after a Peacock!

IMG_1361-channeling her inner Cheshire Cat!

IMG_1372-How Patriotic

IMG_1382-some gorgeous flamingos

IMG_1384– true love!


IMG_1404-All babe wanted to see were penguins

IMG_1407-little guys!


IMG_1413– we asked a police officer to take a picture of us.

After the zoo, we headed up to Van Cortlandt Park.  I went to high school in this area, so I wanted to take Vinita to a restaurant that we frequented almost everyday for lunch.  It is called Broadway Joe’s Pizza.  We ordered a plain slice and a stuffed chicken slice with marinara on the side.  Delicious!

IMG_1411-No wonder I was such a fatty!



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