Remember that time we went to Atlanta for training and I got sick and you went exploring…

I work for Porsche.  Their North American HQ is located in Atlanta, GA, so when they need to train us for new products or protocol, they usually invite us down there and we get to stay at a nice hotel and enjoy Atlanta.  This time around, I asked Vinita to join me.  She gladly accepted, as she had some family and friends in Atlanta that she wanted to visit.

My love of Atlanta started in 2006, when my friends and I drove down there on a whim for the Final Four.  They were graduates from Georgetown University, and the Hoyas were in the Final Four that year, so I offered them a ride down there, if they would get me a free ticket.  Something about that southern hospitality!

We stayed at the Intercontinental in Buckhead.  What a gorgeous hotel.  It was conveniently located right next to Lennox Square Mall, so food and shopping was right around the corner.

IMG_2002-descending into Atlanta

IMG_2001-reunited and it feels so good!

IMG_1999-Obligatory face masque on night #1

IMG_2054– A room with a view

While I was stuffing my nose with the smell of baked goods (I got off sugar right before this trip), Vinita was exploring Atlanta!



IMG_2005– A large Coca Cola Bottle at the Coca Cola Factory

IMG_2011-Vinita knows how much I love CNN since it’s all I watch!

IMG_1994-Vinita at Ponce Marketplace

IMG_1995– Vinita loves the CDC.  I love The Walking Dead – the place they need to get to Season 1!

IMG_1997– Penguins!

IMG_1998– Vinita at the Atlanta Aquarium

The next day, while I was under the weather, we met up with Vinita’s cousin and his son for lunch at Bistro Niko!

IMG_2010– Be cool.

IMG_2006– Delicious burger

IMG_2114– Turkey Club

IMG_2094– What can I say, she loves fries!

IMG_2067– Dream woman.

IMG_2003-Saying goodbye from Atlanta

What a nice little trip to Atlanta!  Always hospitable and always good weather.  Nothing bad to say about this place, but wish we had more time to explore together.


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