Remember that time we were sweating in the morning and freezing at night?

Los Angeles is an amazing place to be.  The sheer size of the city is what amazes me everytime I visit.  What truly impresses me is that you can be 20 minutes from the ocean and gorgeous beaches towards the west, or you can be 20 minutes from an amazing mountain range to the north.  You also can be 20 minutes to an arid desert to the East and South.  With this diversity of amazing locations, come different weather patterns.  We experienced that one day.

As a newbie to Los Angeles, I had to see the Hollywood sign.  As cliché as it may seem, the sign represented California to me growing up.  The land where movies were made.  All represented by 9 letters on the side of a mountain.  I owed it to myself to see this national landmark with my own eyes.

Vinita, being a local, showed me the ropes. But first, breakfast…

unnamed-one of our favorites, Corner Bakery in Pasadena; oatmeal –

unnamed-1– doing assisted squats in front of the Hollywood sign –

unnamed-4-an amazing panoramic shot on top of the Hollywood Sign trail –

unnamed-5– we made it! –

unnamed-6– she looks proud –

One of the many similarities Vinita and I share is our love for food – we are closet fat kids!  When we visit one another, we try to show one another the best of our local cuisine.  Vinita told me about this place called Spitz, a Mediterranean hole in the wall on Hillhurst Ave in Los Feliz – the area right below the Hollywood sign.  The restaurant is clean and very modern; very LA if I may say so myself.  She did the ordering and got us a Street Cart Doner and an order of fries with aioli.  She said, “Try it.  I promise you.”  I am a trusting man and dug in.  Between you, the reader, and me, the author, I was so hungry I would have eaten anything.  After taking the first bite of the doner, my eyes lit up.  Am I in heaven?  No!  I was in an amazing eatery in Los Angeles.  Absolutely delicious!  The aioli that came with the fries was to die for and the wrap was perfectly crispy and the contents inside were warm and soothing after a long hike.  A perfect meal!

unnamed-7– heaven! –

Now getting back to the shifts in weather.  So it was 80 some odd degrees during our hike and later that night we decided to go to La Canãda where they had a light exhibition in the forest.  The official name was Descanso Gardens – Enchanted: Forest of Light.  A super trippy time.  The forest was nestled along a mountain, and everything was pitch black, yet all the trees and shrubs around were beautifully adorned with a fluorescent light show that would never be forgotten.

The decorations were not too abrasive to the eyes.  It honestly felt like we were in Willy Wonka’s Factory mixed with a nightmare scene from some Freddy Krueger movie.  Some plants were lit so well, they looked like candy and some trees were so ominous I held onto Vinita’s hand tighter and tighter as we walked the exhibit.

unnamed-8– a spooky tree –

unnamed-10– these lanterns looked ominous, but were beautiful in person –

unnamed-9– they look like tasty frisbees! –

unnamed-11– my angel from heaven who saved me –

Truly an awesome exhibition.

As you can tell from the pictures, there are a lot of things to do, but beware – weather here changes!  You better be ready for it.  Luckily we were and made the most of it!